Vancouver Canucks Playoff Tickets

Vancouver Canucks Playoff tickets go on sale Saturday, April 2nd 2011.  You can purchase them via internet or phone at 10:00AM.

You can purchase Canucks tickets online at Ticketmaster, or by calling Ticketmaster at 1-855-523-6800.

Tickets start at $90.00, good luck everyone!!!



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  • Amar:

    I,just wanted to say im a huge hoekcy fan but we hardly get it in the uk ..really wish it was a more common sport over here! when i did used to go and watch it at the weekends with my family the atmosphere was amazing and that was down to the fans!! but when a player is on the ice they are so focused that the bearly hear the fans cheering! if they are going to fight they are going to fight!! if they are going to skate faster..they will!! im no expert but the fans make it a good game by supporting the players!

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