How to Prepare to Attend an NHL Hockey Game

I love going to watch hockey games.  I enjoy everything about it, well except the amount of money that I spend there.  Here are a few things you will want to know before attending an NHL hockey game.

  • Dress for the team you are cheering for.  Wear their jersey, paint your face.  Do whatever.  They even have pink jerseys if you want to stay girlie.  It’s warm in the arenas so don’t layer yourself with clothing.
  • Gather some cash because everything is jacked up in price.  Especially the alcohol.  Be prepared to spend over $7.00 a drink.
  • You better like beer, because that’s what they serve.   I don’t like beer so I get stuck drinking those really sugary coolers.
  • Be ready to eat greasy food.  They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, there’s nothing healthy.
  • If you want to look like you are actually enjoying the game then you better be prepared to cheer like a crazy person!  Just try to resist cheering when the games in play or you might get kicked out. haha.
  • Watch out for the opposite team’s fans, they will boo you and curse at you every chance they get.
  • Brace yourself for blood and violence!  There is bound to be a fight during the game!  Maybe some flying teeth!
  • You will run into a lot of weird looking people and/or groups all dressed up.  Don’t worry they are just totally crazed out hockey fans.  They always make me laugh!
  • Be ready to hear a lot of Classic Rock, like AC/DC and Queen.  The music one of my favorite things about the game.
  • If you are attending a playoff game you will see all these beards.  It is the playoff beard, which is a superstitious thing where the players and even the fans will not shave their beard during the playoffs until their team is eliminated or they win the Stanley Cup.  Eww I know its disgusting.
  • Make sure you figure out how you are going to get home, it is always a difficult task trying to get home after the game because it is so crowded.  Don’t drink and drive!
  • DON’T forget your ticket!


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