Hockey Fan of the Month


This week’s Fan of the Month is Brooke

A.K.A “The Canadian Bacon”

She cheers for the Edmonton Oilers!


9 Responses to “Hockey Fan of the Month”

  • The Canadian Bacon's Mommy:

    Thank you for posting her picture. She loves her little pink jersey and hopes to play one day like Daddy did. I have sent this link to all our family to brag on her.

    PS – love the website. Great job and very informative. I will share this with some of my southern girlfriends who often seem lost when I take them to a game. Maybe this will allow me to spend more time watching the game and less time explaining the game.

    • Danielle:

      Thank you. I’m still working on getting all the content up. Bigger project that I though it would be. haha. Your daughter is adorable!

  • tracy:

    the cutest little edmonton oiler fan everrr !!!!

  • Marcia':

    Cutest picture EVER!! Definitely deserves fan of the week!!

  • Brooke – you are too cool, just like your mom. The NC Hurricanes fans are going to miss you but you will be a great addition to the Oilers fan roster. Peace (and puckered lips) out.

  • Amber Burck:

    She’s missing her pretty pink eyeshadow! 😉

  • Nannie:

    You go little Brook-a-Bella cheer those Edmonton Oilers for the WIN

  • Mawmaw Briggett:

    Cheer On! My sweet little Canadian Bacon… Cutest Edmonton Oilers fan ever!

  • Auntie Tara:

    Go Oilers go! Good job Brooke! Mommy & daddy will have to take you to see a real game when you get here 🙂

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