Who Is Don Cherry?


If you have ever watched an NHL hockey game on a Saturday night then you have probably seen Don Cherry. When it comes to stirring the pot, nobody does it quite like Don Cherry.


Don Cherry is known as the most flamboyant dressed and outspoken person in hockey. He supports fighting and the old school hockey ways. He has railed against French and European players. Don Cherry once attacked the Quebecois by saying “they don’t like the Canadian flag but they want our money, we bail them out. I’ve never seen such a bunch of whiners in my life.”


CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada hosts Don Cherry and Ron MacLean on Coach’s Corner every Saturday during the NHL hockey season. You can watch their segment during the first intermission of the first game that is broad casted.


Personally I love to watch Don Cherry, and I agree with many things he has to say. He is great entertainment and I wish he was on during all the intermissions. I’ve watched him my whole life growing up and still watch him on Hockey Night in Canada today. It just so happens that Coach’s Corner is usually broadcasted in the intermission of the Toronto Maple Leaf games, and those are the games that I never miss!


What do you think of Don Cherry?

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