Toronto Maple Leafs Home & Away Contest

Win Toronto Maple Leafs hockey tickets.  Rogers wants to give you and a friend the ultimate Toronto Maple Leafs experience.

Prize includes:

  • 2 tickets to both a Leafs home and away game
  • Airfare and hotel accommodations for you and your guest
  • VIP experience at hte game
  • Rogers Wireless package.

Unfortunately only Ontario Residents can enter the contest.


4 Responses to “Toronto Maple Leafs Home & Away Contest”

  • Lauren huber:

    Ive never been to a leafs game im 16 and id love to get the chance to experiance
    The leafs !:)

  • Kirsten walkrt:

    I have never been to a game and since I started playing boys hockey (before girls leagues) when I was 6, I love the Toronto maple leafs!!! Wouldn’t miss a game for anythig

  • Alanna weston:

    I am the biggest leaf fan ever I have been cheering and yelling at my TV for the past six years. I would love to experience an away game because I have never experienced one before, I will always cheer on our leafs no matter the score or win or lose

  • Hey Darren;I think it is great what you are trying to do! It would be a dream come true for me! I have been a Leaf fan from when I was an 8 year old boy. It was just after they won their last cup so osuoivbly I have a high pain tolerance. The only concern I have if this happens is having too many opinions about how to run things. I live in Windsor Ontario and I have observed how the Wings do things. To me they are a model organization. The reason they are is that they don’t have meddling ownership. Mike Illich knows he doesn’t have a clue how to manage a hockey team so he hires Holland to do it for him and leaves him alone. The problem with us is that we all think we are hockey experts and we think we know how to do Burke’s job for him. How will this work if our dream comes to fruition?

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